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This chunky white-and-black goose is often common and conspicuous on Andean bogs and lakeshores; usually in pairs or small groups and can be confiding in areas where not hunted. Note the small pink bill and pink legs; sexes alike but the male is larger. Local overlap in Andes of central Chile with Upland Goose. Male Upland Geese have a black bill and legs, and dark barring on body. Like the other species in this genus, males give high wheezy whistles whereas females grunt and bray.
Juvenile pair: $800




BREED DETAILS- ANDEAN GOOSE (Oressochen melanopterus )
Features:Origin: South America  Ring Diameter: 16Height: 90 cm Weight: 3/3.5 kgSexual Maturity: 3° yearNumber of Eggs: 6/10Incubation Period: 30 daysDIET": The andean geese feed on various grassesNESTING / BREEDING: They nest on bare scrapes on the ground near water. A nest typically contains between 6 to 10 eggs.The Andean Geese, are membemrs of the shelduck subfamily Tadorninae. As suggested by their common name, these geese are found in the high Andes mountain range along the western coast of South America. They are resident (non-migratory).Outside the breeding season, these geese form small flocks.Andrean Geese typically remain well above 3000 m in areas that are close to bodies of water (i.e., lakes) and marshes. However, they are mostly terrestrial and avoid swimming, except in situations where it is necessary (in emergencies).These bulky birds have a mostly white plumage, except for black feathers on the wings and the tail.The bill is small and flesh-colored.Males and females look alike; except males are generally larger in size.