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Striking and distinctive goose. Bold black-and-white head and neck pattern unlike any other goose; also note orangey-yellow bill and legs. In flight appears mainly pale gray with broad black trailing edge to wings. Breeds around lakes and marshes on highland plateaus; winters in lowland wetlands and fields. Native to East and South Asia, but escapees from waterfowl collections are occasionally seen free-flying elsewhere in the world.
Juvenile pair: $350




BAR-HEADED GOOSE (Anser indicus  )
Description:This species is gray and white with two horseshoe-shaped, brownish-black bars on the back of its white head. The body is gray overall, and the bill and legs are pink, orange, or yellow. Approximately 75 cm (30 in.)Diet:Includes plants and occasionally crustaceans and invertebratesIncubation27 daysClutch:Size4 to 6 eggsSexual MaturityApproximately 3 yearsRange:The Bar-Headed Goose has an extremely large range and can be found in Afghanistan, Bangladesh Bhutan, China, India; Mongolia; Myanmar; Nepal; Pakistan; Russia, Thailand and Vietnam. The have also been introduced to Canada and Spain.Habitat:These geese prefer high altitude mountain lakes.