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When the babies are running around they must not run, walk or stand on surfaces such as wooden floors, laminate or tiles, because emu are prone to splayed legs, this being the most common ailment we see in young emu, and the most easily avoided. Splayed legs in very young chicks can be bound, with occasional success if caught very early, but will lead to a fatal demise in older emu. (More information on splayed legs on the Emu Health page).It is not a good idea to use sand for emu chicks as they can become impacted via the sand
Emu chicks (2- 3 weeks) : $320  each          
Emu 2 months :$500                                                           
Sexually mature Emu 2 years old pair : $2000                      
Adult Emu 3 years old pair : $2500                                                              
Fertile Hatching egg: $150             




The baby emu may not eat or drink straight away, usually for about the first three days, although they may peck at bit's of crumb scattered nearby. Sometimes when the chick does start to eat, it may need a bit of encouragement. The type of animal feeder that clips onto the side of the cage will stop food and liquid being spilled over. The food should be ratite chick crumb, so specialist feed needs to be ordered in advance, as it is not something that stores will usually stock on the shelves as standard. A local farm supplier might order feed in for you if you ask them.
Emu are quite hardy animals and extremely agile, a skill which has helped them escape many threats for their survival. Emu will peck at anything, especially if it is shiny, and they will swallow anything!  Emu have two eyelids, one pair is used for blinking, and the other being nictitating membranes which keep sand and dust out of the eyes. They have double feathers too, with 2 feathers (rachis) per shaft, emu feathers are not barbed and this is what makes them fluffy. The feathers of an emu function as insulators, blocking the hot sun by day and keeping the emu warm by night and emu feathers are not water proof like other birds may be. Emu will be hardy in all weather extremes. Emu shed feathers in the springtime and grow a lovely thick plumage for the winter months, looking their most handsome in time for breeding season. The feathers of emu act as camouflage too as they blend in to their surroundings very well, even the young stripy chicks can be hard to notice against a natural background.
Emu are the only birds that have calf muscles. They can jump really high, reaching around 5 - 7 feet vertically.