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Pheasants are very beautiful birds that you can admire endlessly. Increasingly, they are started on poultry farms and their own backyards. Pheasants are bred for various purposes, the main of which should be called the sale of meat, eggs and feathers. Also, birds delight the eye with their colorful plumage. Their presence will beautify any household. The main thing is to know the peculiarities of breeding birds and caring for them .
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BREED DETAILS-Cabot's Pheasant (Tragopan caboti  )
These beautiful birds live in hilly evergreen forests of China, where they forage for leaves, fruit, seeds and insects. Tragopans are facing threats from destruction of their forests by farmers and loggers. They're also hunted for food, for their bright plumage and for the pet trade. Like their pheasant cousins, male tragopans are more richly colored than the plainer females. Age at Sexual Maturity: Males: 2 years Females: 2 yearsClutch Size, Egg Description: Females lay between two and five buff-colored eggs dappled with small dark brown spotsIncubation Period: 28 days Parental Care: Female incubates eggs and raises broods on her own. After incubation of a clutch commences, the male typically joins a group of other males or seeks mating opportunities with different hens.
Chick Development: Cabot’s Tragopan chicks hatch at around 34-39g and are very well feathered. Chicks are capable of flying within the first several days of life. They are slow-growing young birds and typically do not reach adult weight until after six months of age. Juveniles being parent-reared are independent at about 4 months. Males begin to show male coloration by five to six months of age, but young of both sexes are not sexually mature until their second year. Hand-rearing for this species is straightforward as chicks easily accept Mazuri Gamebird Starter pellets, ground hard-boiled egg, and finely chopped greens.  This species can be successfully mixed with a variety of different bird groups as they are generally placid. In principle, pheasants are looked after in the same way as chickens. First you need to build and equip a poultry house. It should consist of two territories: