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Their interesting name originated from their loud “cos-cor-ooo” vocalization. These birds utilize a threat display that involves aggressively flapping their wings and lifting them high to appear larger. Coscoroba swans are not known to have a triumph ceremony like other swans. Such ceremonies occur when a male attacks a rival suitor, then returns to his potential mate to perform an elaborate ceremony while posturing and calling.
Breeding Pair(1.5yr): $2500




BREED DETAILS- COSCOROBA SWAN -(Coscoroba coscoroba)
  • The coscoroba swan is a large white bird with bright pink duck-shaped bill and feet. The plumage is entirely white.
  •  size 87.5 to 112.5 cm (35 to 45 in.)  .
  • This species has an extremely large range and can be found in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Falkland Islands, Paraguay, and Uruguay.DietThese birds feed on various plants, aquatic insects, fish spawn and small crustaceans.Incubation36 daysClutch Size4 to 7 eggsSexual MaturityApproximately 3 years