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All cranes are noted for their spectacular dances which involves head-bobbing, wing fluttering, leaps and bows. Both sexes dance, and immature birds join the adults. Dancing is an integral part of courtship, but also may be done at any time of the year.
Adults Pair(3yr): $2000
Juvenile Pair: $1000




Description A tall, majestic bird with a “crown” of golden feathers. It has large white cheek patches with a small red patch at the top. They are slate gray with white upper and under wing coverts, black legs, and a black bill.DIET:They’re omnivores, so that means they can eat both plants and animals.Their diet usually consists of plants, grain, insects, snakes and small fish.
East African crowned cranes stomp on the ground as they walk, to make insects scurry out for them to eat! These fabulous birds have an elaborate breeding display involving dancing, bowing, and jumping.During the breeding season the female lays between 2 to 3 eggs, which both parents incubate for approximately four weeks. Both parents feed and care for the young until they leave the nest.The East-African crowned-crane is an Endangered species and is currently protected by law in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Conservation projects are being carried out in these areas.
Height3-3.5 ft (~100-110 cm)Weight6-9 lb (~3-4 kg)