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The female hooded merganser has brown eyes, a reddish crest, and grayish-brown feathers. The adult male hooded merganser has a white fan-shaped crest on his head. He has bright yellow eyes, a black head, a white chest with two black stripes, a brownish-black back, rust-colored sides, and a grayish-brown rump and tail.
Juvenile pair: $300




BREED DETAILS- HOODED MERGANSER-(Lophodytes cucullatus )
Hooded mergansers breed from southeastern Alaska, central British Columbia and southwestern Alberta to southwestern Oregon, central Idaho and northwestern Montana; and from central Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia, south to Kansas, northern Louisiana and northern Georgia.Hooded mergansers prefer forested wetland systems, where they nest in tree cavities or nest boxes andlay an average of 9-11 eggs.Average length: M 18.1 in, F 17 Average weight: M 1.6 lbs, F 1.5 lbsBreeding season runs from March to May. Males court females in small flocks. The male raises his crest to attract the female, turns the back of his head towards her and flaps his wings. The female points her bill to the sky and bobs her head up and down.While the other two mergansers are primarily fish-eaters, the hooded merganser has a more varied diet that not only includes small fish but also insects, crayfish, and other aquatic creatures. Like other mergansers, hooded dive for their food, apparently finding prey by sight.  The hooded merganser can change its head shape depending on whether its crest is raised or lowered.  Nesting Behavior. The female hooded merganser lay up to a dozen white eggs .  incubate-ion period up to 40 days. The young leave the nest at a day old and are attended by the female. Hooded mergansers often lay their eggs in the nests of other hooded mergansers and wood ducks, leaving their young to be raised by another mother