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First of all, you need to know that peacocks are excitable birds. Care should be taken to keep the house in a quiet place. Peacocks do not like harsh sounds, noise and rumblings. Otherwise, they become nervous, may injure themselves or attack neighbors. In order for the birds to remain healthy, their aviary must be kept clean. Change sawdust bedding, ventilate the house, disinfect feeders and add clean water. If in the summer poultry farmers can limit themselves to daylight, then in the winter you need to turn on artificial lighting. This is necessary in order to extend the usual daylight hours for peacocks, since in Moscow it is much shorter. It is recommended to use fluorescent lamps for illumination.
Adult pair (2year+): $585
Juvenile pair: $525
Juvenile Female: $325
Juvenile Male: $200




BREED DETAILS- Indian Blue Peafowl 
Features of the breed of Indian peacocks and the rules for their breedingThe Indian peacock is an exotic bird famous for its incredibly beautiful tail.  The breeding of these birds, in fact, does not differ globally from the maintenance of chickens or turkeys. It is really possible to buy an Indian peacock in USA - you can place an order on our website. But first, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules for the care and maintenance of handsome peacocks and modest female peacocks. Indian peacocks are bluish blue in color. Males weigh about 7 kilograms, and females - 4. A distinctive feature of males is their gorgeous tail, which, when opened, exceeds the height of an adult. Poultry breeders need to know that males are polygamous, that is, they look after several peavas. In this regard, fights can occur between peacocks, and it is necessary to take care of the safety of the birds in advance. Each family needs to allocate its own fenced area. How to Organize the Ideal Indian Peacock House:
  • Width and length - at least 5 meters, height - from 3 meters.
  • The floor must be covered with sawdust.
  • Install drinkers and change the water regularly.
  • Set up perches.
If a poultry farmer wants to buy and maintain a female Indian peacock, it is imperative to build a nest in the poultry house. It can be made from a basket, drawer, or box.  We carry out delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) and throughout Russia and the CIS countries, prices are negotiated separately