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Pheasants are very beautiful birds that you can admire endlessly. Increasingly, they are started on poultry farms and their own backyards. Pheasants are bred for various purposes, the main of which should be called the sale of meat, eggs and feathers. Also, birds delight the eye with their colorful plumage. Their presence will beautify any household. The main thing is to know the peculiarities of breeding birds and caring for them .
Juvenile pair: $650




Koklass Pheasant, Pucrasia macrolopha is a species of pheasant in the Tetraonini tribe. Despite the word pheasant in its name, it is closely related to grouses.Males have a silver-plumed body, maroon breast stripe, white neck patch, and dark greenish-black head topped with a long crest that, when erect, gives it the profile of a startled rabbit. Females are streaky brown with a faded version of the male’s white patch and breast stripe; note her short crest, buffy eyebrow, white throat bordered by dark. lENGH: MALE: 58–64 cm (23–25 in) (tail 22–28 cm (8.7–11.0 in)), 1,135–1,415 g (2.502–3.120 lb);FEMALE: 52.5–56 cm (20.7–22.0 in) (tail 17–19.5 cm (6.7–7.7 in)), 930–1,135 g (2.050–2.502 lb)BREEDING: FROM April to JuneHABITAT: INDIA