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The Opal Peafowl variety is a relatively new breed of peafowl and first occurred in the 1990’s in USA. David Dickerson of Delaware and Dwayne Jones of Maryland created the Opal variety of peafowl. The United Peafowl Association officially recognized the Opal Peafowl variety in 2001.
Adult pair (2year+): $900
Yearling pair: $850
Yearling Female: $500
Yearling Male: $350




The Opal Peacock has a darker grey neck with iridescent hints of Opal gemstone colors.  It is this iridescent color that gives the Opal it’s name. The Opal peacocks wings are barred in dark and light grey. The ocelli are opal, black and copper in color.

The Opal peahen is a pretty light dove grey color totally different from the Purple or Cameo peahen.  Also there is no iridescent coloration on the neck of the Opal Peahen unlike the other breeds of Peahen with the exception of the white.
Opal Peachicks are easy to identify as they are born a lovely light dove grey color.  An Opal Peachick looks so different to Indian Blue, Cameo or Purple peachicks.  The Opal Peacock is easy to identify as the male peachicks develop baring on their wings and the opal coloration around their necks.When breeding, Opal Peafowl bred to Opal Peafowl they breed true.