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The Opal Black Shouldered Peacock is one of the more recent color mutations. The appearance of the Opal Black Shouldered Peacock is very distinctive. Unlike the Opal peacock the male has no barring on its wings.  The wings are a solid grey color with the neck feathers the beautiful iridescent colors of navy, purple, pink, jade and grey. The Opal Black Shouldered Peahen looks very similar to the traditional Black Shouldered peahen.  However she is more of a cream and grey color than the traditional Black Shouldered peahen
Adult pair (2year+): $900
Yearling pair: $850
Yearling Female: $500
Yearling Male: $350




The Opal White-eyed Peafowl resulted from crossing the Opal Peafowl with the India Blue White-eyed Peafowl. It is phenotypically a bird with a brighter plumage than the Opal Peafowl and has in the ocellus center a white spot, therefore, the White-eyed name.Our Opal White-eye line results from the intersection between Opal and India blues Silver Pied. All silver pied are white-eye and, therefore, in addition to the white-eyed pattern, we also insert the silver pattern. So, from the offspring we will get opal white-eyed peafowls, white peafowl and even opal silver pied peafowl. Note also that Opal white-eyes with this origin have much more white plumage as well as more white eyes on the tails.