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Male: will have white-eye feathers in the train. 
Female: Color will have a grayer cast. She will have various sizes and amounts of white tips on her back and shoulders. Can be any color.
Adult pair (2year+): $900
Yearling pair: $850
Yearling Female: $500
Yearling Male: $350




The Opal White-eyed Peafowl resulted from crossing the Opal Peafowl with the India Blue White-eyed Peafowl. It is phenotypically a bird with a brighter plumage than the Opal Peafowl and has in the ocellus center a white spot, therefore, the White-eyed name.Our Opal White-eye line results from the intersection between Opal and India blues Silver Pied. All silver pied are white-eye and, therefore, in addition to the white-eyed pattern, we also insert the silver pattern. So, from the offspring we will get opal white-eyed peafowls, white peafowl and even opal silver pied peafowl. Note also that Opal white-eyes with this origin have much more white plumage as well as more white eyes on the tails.