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Pheasants are very beautiful birds that you can admire endlessly. Increasingly, they are started on poultry farms and their own backyards. Pheasants are bred for various purposes, the main of which should be called the sale of meat, eggs and feathers. Also, birds delight the eye with their colorful plumage. Their presence will beautify any household. The main thing is to know the peculiarities of breeding birds and caring for them .
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BREED DETAILS- Palawan Peacock Pheasant (Polyplectron napoleonis )
Physical Description Palawan peacock-pheasants live only on the island of Palawan in the southern Philippines.  Palawan has suffered extensive deforestation and the whole island is now designated as a Biosphere Reserve, although protecting it is very difficult.  Previously considered Endangered, the level of threat facing the Palawan peacock-pheasant has been downgraded  in recent years. However, the pheasants have also been trapped for the pet trade and are hunted for meat, and much of their remaining forest habitat is leased to logging companies. As a result, the wild population is still declining. The birds have bred regularly at Durrell's Jersey headquarters since the 1970s, and there is now a world-wide captive population of about 1000 birds. These birds have robin-egg blue spots on their tail that resemble eyes and help scare away predators. Males have metallic-blue wings and an extendable black crest on top of their head. Females, by contrast, have a more muted brown plumage, although they also have a crest and spotted tail feathers. This forest-dwelling bird eats seeds, insects, fruits, and slugs. Breeding pairs are typically monogamous and both parents help rear chicks. Male Palawan peacock pheasants attract females by fanning out their spotted tail in an elaborate, peacock-like courtship display.
In principle, pheasants are looked after in the same way as chickens. First you need to build and equip a poultry house. It should consist of two territories:
  • Closed room.
  • Outdoor walking area.
In a closed house, perches should be established. They are made of wood. The floors are covered with straw or grass, and also sprinkled with sand. Pheasants can walk outside in spring and summer. Almost all breeds are very cold-tolerant, so do not expose birds to the risk of illness. If you have pheasants for breeding, then settle them with families. Each should have one male and three or four females..Birds incubate eggs for up to 40 days. On day 20, it is better to take the eggs and place them in an incubator. The temperature in it should be approximately + 38 ° C, and the humidity should not exceed 80%. If you do not have an incubator, you can donate the eggs to chickens or ducks to incubate. If you keep pheasants solely for decoration, then one male and a female will be enough.