Yes they are. The Goldendoodle have wonderful temperaments. Their natures are so fun loving, goofy even and quite comical. Do these traits mean they get along well with other animals? I think so! They are very social and enjoyable animals to be around.
In my opinion, no it doesn’t matter. All our Goldendoodles puppies come de-sexed so it is a decision that is a personal one for you and for your family to make.. Some families prefer males other families prefer females. This is entirely your decision, your environment may play a factor as well as other family members.
Yes! Yes ! Yes! They love the water. My girls take a walk down to the beach to a whole new level. They are so much fun, fearless around the water, another great reason to invest time in training to enjoy this fabulous quality of the Goldendoodle.
Short answer is no they don’t. Wool and Fleece coats do not require extensive looking after. When your puppy is in transition from developing its adult coat from its puppy coat more time and attention is required at this stage. But I ask you how long is a piece of string? Everybody has a differing opinion as to how much time is required and how much time you have to give. I keep my girls in a long coat for most of the year, when the weather gets warmer, I reduce the length of their coat. I groom or give my girls regular attention because I love to not because I have to.
Extremely important in a short answer. A significant piece of advice. The Goldendoodle is highly intelligent, bright and bubbly. Your puppy needs to be stimulated and they thrive and love the challenges of a training facility and or training program. You need to learn how to manage a dog of such high intelligence. You will reap the rewards of any effort you put in at this stage.
This is an extremely important consideration when looking to buy a
Goldendoodle. I would recommend never buying a puppy unless they are an accredited breeder for many reasons. The most significant being accredited breeders are all proudly bound to the requirements set out by the Goldendoodle Association and have their dog’s health and those of their puppies a priority. A strict guideline of health testing for all our breeding dogs is required. PETROSGENETICS Goldendoodles will provide a limited health guarantee for all puppies. To maintain breeder accreditation we must follow a breeders Code of Ethics ensuring responsible breeding which ultimately results in quality Goldendoodle puppies for you.
Yes. Most Goldendoodles are non shedding but this is not always the case. It depends on the puppies coat type. Most wool and fleece coat puppies will not shed and a hair coat will shed. There are sometimes exceptions to this and your breeder will be happy to discuss your needs and those of a particular puppy.
Our puppies are not toilet trained in a home environment.
The best way to toilet train your puppy is using puppy pads/grass potty mat and by taking your puppy outside every hour.
Use positive reinforcement/encouragement when your puppy toilets where you want it to toilet.
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Yes, but all international orders are treated on a case by case basis. We use  an  international pet  provider for international shipping, so we will need to ensure that they deliver to the select country/address and obtain the associated delivery costs. Final costs will be confirmed with the customer before being added to the order.
Our customer service is exceptional and we pride ourselves on our service and high standards.

We ensure we are available at each step of the process, from matching the breed most appropriate to the family dynamic to training, and general health and care.

Even after you bring your puppy home, we continue to provide you with ongoing advice and support for the lifetime of your puppy.

YES! Purebred dog breeds have health programs (see respective breeds). These diseases  can  also spread to a doodle, which is a mixture of two dog breeds. With healthy, health tested parents reduces significantly the puppies get sick.

The doodle is a mixed breed and very decisive for whether a doodle sheds or not is which type of fur you choose. The probability of getting a non-precipitating doodle is greatest if you choose a doodle with a coat of the more woolly and curly type (ie where the poodle gene has penetrated). But even a fur that does not shed loses a little hair when it is brushed, just like on us humans.

There are no allergy-friendly dogs that all allergy sufferers can handle. But there are individuals with fewer allergens in the coat and which therefore many allergy sufferers can have without feeling their allergy. You may be allergic to the dog's fur and / or saliva. If you are allergic to the dog's saliva, the dog breed does not matter. Some teach the dog that it must not lick the owner and manage to manage its allergy through it. But all dogs lick their fur / wash themselves and thus the dog's saliva also ends up on the fur. If you have a more severe allergy to the dog's saliva, you will therefore probably have problems. If, on the other hand, you are allergic to fur, it is very likely that you can handle goldendoodle where the dog has the woolly, curly fur type. But as I said, there are never any guarantees. There are no allergy-friendly dogs!

This is also related to the type of fur the dog has. Some Doodles are born with a type of fur called "flat", which means that it basically looks like a flat coated retriever and hardly needs any fur care at all. Temperamentally, it is like any other doodle, it is only the fur that deviates. A flat coat type sheds just like a retriever does.
Some doodles have a "shaggy" coat quality that also does not require much fur care, provided you keep the coat relatively short. There are also doodles with a fleece-type or curly coat. Curly fur requires the most fur care but is also the one that does not shed and that allergy sufferers usually do best. The longer the fur on the dog, the greater the likelihood that there will be tangles in it. To prevent tangles, brushing the fur at least once a week is required. To keep the fur in check, it also needs to be trimmed. How often the dog needs to be groomed depends entirely on how short you want to keep the coat, but expect a grooming / cutting of the dog about 4 times / year.